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As life unfolds, your concept of adventure can change in a multitude of ways. Where once was impulsive hedonism comes well laid plans where freedom and exhilaration are key.

Our passion is in crafting accessories essential to your next adventure, whether getting away from it all in the great outdoors or braving the morning commute. With a dual focus on functionality and an inspiring aesthetic allowing you to create memories that live long after the moment.

However and wherever, find your adventure.

Website - http://www.breo.com

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Hippie Chic

HC is a brand that believes getting dressed is more than putting on clothes. It’s about creating your own story and expressing your individual style.

No outfit is complete without accessories and no story is complete without a satisfying conclusion. HC offers a diverse range of accessories that provides that perfect ending.

We believe our customers have individual style but are united in spirit as confident, free individuals. Each of our collections are built around seasonal trends inspired by distinct fashion stories so you’ll always find something to compliment your look.

Website - http://www.hippiechic.com

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A cherished wristwatch, the dramatic landscape of Scotland and its industrial heritage inspire Kartel’s approach to watchmaking, harking back to a golden age with a singular aim. 

To create a truly refined modern classic.

Website - http://www.kartel.co.uk

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